What Do You Really Want?

Million Dollars

What do you want? Answer me, quick! What? You’re not sure? Then you are not alone.

I have a running joke. It is one of those jokes that I think is really funny and the people around me are bored with it. They roll their eyes and groan because they have heard it a hundred times. But it still makes me laugh so I do it again. Here is how it went the last time.

I was sitting around reading, and my sister says, Hey, I am going to the store, do you want anything? I say yes! I want a million dollars. That is when she rolls her eyes, shakes her head and walks out the door.  Then I laugh because I still think it is funny, until I realize that I really would have liked for her to bring me back a chocolate bar. And that is not going to happen. I text her but she texts back, you had your chance. Then she brings me a chocolate bar because she is my sister and we are good like that, bad jokes and all.

Do you want a million dollars? Really? Say someone gives you a million dollars, but you are not allowed to spend any of it. You can only keep it in a savings account that pays next to nothing interest. What do you really have? Yes you have a million dollars. You can tell people you have a million dollars. But what is that doing to improve your life?  Probably, what you really want, is what a million dollars can buy for you.  Maybe what you really want is a Malibu beach house.  With a Ferrari  in the garage.

beach house ferrari
Actually, I think that will cost you more than a million dollars.

Maybe what you really want is to be free of your job, to be able to travel the world without a care.
travel the world

Maybe what you really want, is to make the world a better place. (You can do that now.  Click on the picture and make a donation. )




So the point of all this is, you don’t really want a million dollars, you want what a million dollars can do for you.  I don’t really want a million dollars, I want to be able to travel and give to charity.  The good news is, that doesn’t take a million dollars. I don’t need to wait until I have a million dollars to be able to do what I want.

So what is it that you really want?  What would make you happy, what would feed your soul?  Once you know that, you can make your plan and start getting what you really want.


~Peace, Love and Happiness ~


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