The Perfect First Blog Post or Is Done the New Perfect?

Done is the new perfect.

Perfect-blog-post post it

I want to have the perfect first blog post. After all, this is the post that will set the tone for everything to follow… or will it?  Question of the day.  How important is it that the first post of a blog be absolutely perfect?

Some will say that a post that is not perfect will turn off readers, bring out the grammar police, and doom your blog to obscurity.

So what is the perfect blog post?  From what I have read, the perfect blog post is SEO optimized, has no grammar or spelling errors, includes a picture, and creates emotion in the reader. has an interesting infographic.


Derek Halpern of Social Triggers maps it all out for you.

Perfect Blog Post LayOut

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Here is a graphic with lots of details that I found on

Graphic on the Perfect Blog Post

I could go on and on. Google has 308 Million results that I could review and study. Then I could extrapolate from the data to figure out where consensus is. Then I could carefully craft my blog post, edit and re-write, and by the time I got it done… Well the truth is, I wouldn’t get it done. If I never get the blog post done, then nobody will read it and the whole idea is one big waste of time.


What if, My desire for perfection is just my excuse for procrastination?

I know it will never be perfect, so if I say, it isn’t ready, it isn’t perfect, I just need to work on it some more.
I will never hit publish and I will never need to deal with the criticizers, the trolls, the ones that disagree. Or even worse, the distant sound of crickets because no one read the post.

So yes, this blog post is not perfect by anyone’s standards, but I will hit post, I will put it out there.

There is a good side to all of this. Some day, in the not too distant future, I will point back to this post and say. “See how much better I am now! I took action, I listened to the criticizers, the trolls, and the ones that disagree, because sometimes they had something to say. And I got better”

So, for me at least…

and now this blog post is done, and by my definition, it is perfect!

What do you think?

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