About the Weird Entrepreneur

Good Morning!  My  name is Kathleen Parker and I am Weird.

I have spent most of my life feeling weird and trying to be normal. And I think a lot of people feel that way.  I grew up and became  a tax accountant. Not because I wanted to be a tax accountant, but because that is what other people wanted me to do and it was safe and easy for me.   Tax accountants are boring, they don’t have strong opinions and they worry about trivial details a lot!   So I became boring without strong opinions and I tried really hard to worry about trivial details.  It was hard, but I managed to fit myself into that box and I was a really good tax accountant.  I did OK.

cardboard boxIt doesn’t feel good inside a box.  It is cramped and dark and you can’t stretch out.

If you peek outside of your box you can see everyone else’s boxes and they all look the same and you start to feel like maybe you aren’t really anything. Just a cog in the wheel or a blip of data in the Matrix.

cardboard box cardboard box cardboard box cardboard box cardboard box cardboard box cardboard box cardboard box cardboard box


I would like to say that one day I just jumped out of the box and said “Here is the Real Me! Deal With It!” But I didn’t.

I have been slowly and cautiously crawling out of the box . But now I see something amazing and it is time to jump!

Outside the box is fun.  Outside the box you can stretch and try different things.  Outside the box some people might not like you, but that is OK. Because there will be a lot of people who think you are cool and awesome because you are outside the box and they are still inside their box, looking out.  Thinking, what would happen if I came out of my box?

For me, being outside the box makes it very hard to work for someone else.  Working at a J-O-B feels like climbing back in the box.

So I decided to become a Weird Entrepreneur and help other people become Weird Entrepreneurs.

This blog is what it is about to be a Weird Entrepreneur.  Join Me!



Dancing out of the box

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