About Part 2

Why have one About page? I like them both. I will have both.
Part One:About The Weird Entrepreneur

Hi My name is Kathleen and I am weird.

For many years I tried to hide my weirdness, especially when it came to my tax and accounting business.  I wore the suits. I paid for the fancy office with the receptionist. My business was mildly successful.  But there was nothing that made my business stand out. I was just like everyone else.  And it didn’t feel right.

Then life threw me a few curve balls and I changed a few things. Gone was the fancy office.  Then the suits went.  Now, when I have a tax appointment I meet someone at their business.  I wear jeans.  I laugh and make jokes.  People say, “You’re not like other tax accountants.”   I start doing more for people.  I don’t just keep the books and do the taxes.  Now I help people start businesses.  But not just ordinary run of the mill businesses. I help people start Weird Businesses.

What is a Weird Business?  Well, for starters, Weird Entrepreneurs don’t celebrate with thank god it is Friday. They like working in their business. It gives them pleasure. At the same time the Weird Entrepreneur knows when it is time to change it up, get outside, and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Seth Godin said that we are all weird. In face, he wrote a whole book about it.   And I think it is true. We are all weird. The problem is, most of us try to hide our weirdness.  Especially if we are starting a business. We want to fit in, we want people to accept us and our product or our services. So we dress like everyone else and we market like everyone else and there is nothing that sets us apart from every other business.  Sure we might try to find our USP, our unique selling proposition, but even that is just going along with the crowd on how to be different.

I say it is time to celebrate the weird in you and to let it show in your business. When you stop trying to be like everyone else, that is when your true awesomeness can shine.

Be Weird, Be Awesome.

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